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Communicating What You Feel: How to be Understood By Those You Love
David Yarian, Ph.D.

Good communication is vital to healthy relationships. Often our words are not clear about what is most important to us. This article teaches about the Awareness Continuum, a useful tool for communication skill building. Learn how better to communicate more effectively with those you love.

The Grammar of Good Communication
David Yarian, Ph.D.

Discover practical suggestions to help you with communication, whether on the job, with your partner, or with your friends. Topics in this article include: Good Communication Defined, The Importance of "I Statements", Tricky Communication Words, Feeling and Thoughts in Communication and Take the Time to Learn Communication Skills.

Positive Sexuality Resources
David Yarian Ph.D.

Recommended readings on many facets of sexuality and human sexual behavior, with an emphasis on sexuality as a positive force in life.

Tantric Sexuality Resources by Dr. David Yarian, Certified Sex Therapist

This large bibliography - The Historical-Cultural Bibliography of Tantra - provides information on all aspects of Tantra and Tantric practice.

Joy of Making Love is a new resource for adult sexuality education, with 500+ recommended books, CDs and videos on intimate relationships, eroticism and desire, erotic poetry, erotic art, sexual technique, the science of sex, sacred sex and much more.

Joy of Making Love


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