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Breathe with Mindfulness Today!
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Pay attention to your breath in this moment, and enjoy the peace and calm that it brings you today!

Stress Management Technique 2: Guided Body Scan
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

A guided body scan, or progressive muscle relaxation, is a meditation technique which can help with stress relief. It helps us become more aware of the physical tension that we carry and then systematically release that tightness.

Stress Management Technique 3: Centering Meditation
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Centering Meditation encourages us to focus attention on a phrase or word while paying attention to the breath. It has been used for many years to provide relief from stress and to induce a calm, peaceful state of mind.

Stress Management Technique 4: Mindfulness
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Mindfulness is a time-tested method of meditation which induces a peaceful, calm presence. It is simply paying attention to what is going on in the present moment. It invites you to become aware of and engaged in your life as it unfolds.

Stress Management Technique 5: Visualization and Guided Imagery
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Visualization and guided imagery provide a useful tool for meditation and relaxation.

Stress Management Technique 6: Walking Meditation
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Walking meditation involves mindfulness awareness while walking. It is done with attention to the breath and with attention to the physical sensations of walking. A slow, mindful walk helps to center and relax you.

Stress Relief through the Power of the Breath
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Breathing is a fundamental tool for relaxation. When we become aware of the breath, we can experience a slowing down of our minds and a deepening of the relaxation response.

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