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Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques

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Breathe with Mindfulness Today!
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Become aware of your breath and enjoy the calming presence of that awareness today!

How to Relax: Pay Attention to Your Breath
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

When you pay attention to your breath, you are more able to enter a state of relaxation and peace. Simply paying attention to the feeling of air moving into and out of your body can have a relaxing and calming effect.

Fight or Flight: How Stress Affects Health, Part I
Fight or Flight: How Stress Affects Health, Part II
David Yarian Ph.D.

Follow the stress response as it moves through the body, affecting all systems and functions.

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Many people have difficulty sleeping. Stress can be a major inhibitor of good sleep. Relaxation may be helpful in countering that stress and allowing better quality sleep.

How to Get Maximum Benefit from Listening to Meditation CDs
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

This article provides some easy guidelines to help you get the most out of using a guided meditation CD.

Stress Management: How to Create Your Own Stress Management Program
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

You can create your own, unique stress management program using a combination of the following components: regular exercise, adequate sleep, good diet, moderate use of alcohol, and relaxation.

Stress Management Technique 1: Breathing Exercise
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Experience the power of breath to help you find relaxation.

Stress Management Technique 2: Guided Body Scan
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

A guided body scan, or progressive muscle relaxation, helps you discover areas of tension in your body. It then encourages you to systematically release that tension so that you can experience deeper relaxation.

Stress Management Technique 3: Centering Meditation
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

In centering meditation, you are encouraged to find rest and release through focus on a word or phrase while breathing deeply and slowly.

Stress Management Technique 4: Mindfulness
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

The practice of Mindfulness encourages you to become more aware of each moment as it unfolds. It provides relaxation as you learn to be non-judgmental in your moment-to-moment awareness.

Stress Management Technique 5: Visualization and Guided Imagery
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Guided Imagery and visualization are effective techniques to reduce stress.

Stress Management Technique 6: Walking Meditation
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

A slow mindful walk helps to relax you. Walking meditation is a kind of stillness in motion, a practice where you focus on the feeling of movement while walking at the same time that you are paying attention to your breath.

Stress Management Technique 7: Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

The ancient disciplines of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga have provided tools for relaxation for thousands of years.

Stress Relief NOW
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Relieve some of your stress right NOW through this simple breath awareness exercise.

Stress Relief: Relaxation Is Key
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Relaxation is a key to experiencing more relief from stress. It provides a necessary respite from the demands of modern life, giving much needed calm, quiet and restoration.

Stress Relief through the Power of the Breath
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Discover the power of the breath to bring about deeper awareness, calm, and relaxation.

Stress Relief Through Relaxation
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Relaxation is the result of meditation, relaxation therapy, yoga –- or simply paying attention to your breath. With these tools, you can shift from the stress response to the relaxation response.

Symptoms for which Relaxation Techniques are Helpful
Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T.

Most medical professions would agree that Stress can exacerbate the symptoms of diseases and make it more difficult for the body to heal using its own resources.

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