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Libido Training

Interview with David Yarian, Ph.D., Certified Sex Therapist, in All the Rage, July 14, 2005. Dr. Yarian speaks with Virginia Roberson about the benefits of being sexually active.

Positive Sexuality Resources
David Yarian, Ph.D.

A reading list on many facets of sexuality and human sexual behavior, Positive Sexuality Resouces provides an extended compilation of books on many topics about sexuality, with an emphasis on sex as a positive force in life.

Sexual Healing

"Tongue in cheek" article inr the Portland, Oregon Monthly Magazine's readership describes the Tantra workshop led by David and Sandi at the 2005 AASECT national conference in Portland. The article focuses on the helpful aspects of tantric workshops.

Tantric Sexuality Resources by Dr. David Yarian, Certified Sex Therapist

This large bibliography - The Historical-Cultural Bibliography of Tantra - provides information on all aspects of Tantra and Tantric practice.

Joy of Making Love. Have a look at the Tantra books and videos reviewed in the Sacred Sex section as well as the video section of Joy of Making Love, a new resource for adult sexuality education. Joy of Making Love offers 500+ recommended books, CDs and videos on intimate relationships, eroticism and desire, erotic poetry, erotic art, sexual technique, the science of sex, sacred sex and much more.

Joy of Making Love

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