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The 50 Greatest Self-Help Books

Best Self Help Books

Self-Help Books on Challenges in Living

As Scott Peck famously said in his classic The Road Less Traveled: “Life is hard.” Life is filled with challenges of all kinds, some of which are expected, some not.

The recommended Self Help books in these sections offer counsel, support, encouragement – and information to help you navigate through the difficult passages of adult life.

Self help manuals provide step-by-step guidance as you work through the challenges and issues you are facing. Prize-winning novels and real-life memoirs help you to feel in good company, among friends who are traveling along the same road.

These recommended self-help books are resources to help you understand your situation more clearly and to take meaningful steps toward a healthy and desirable outcome.

Menu of Recommended Self-Help Books on Challenges in Living

Blended Family

Communication Skills Self-Help Books

Death and Dying Self-Help Books

Divorce Self-Help Books

Family Issues Self-Help Books

Gay and Lesbian Issues Self-Help Books

Grief and Bereavement Self-Help Books

Intimate Relationships: Relationship Advice Self-Help Books

Men’s Issues Self-Help Books

Men’s Sexual Health Self-Help Books

Parenting Self-Help Books: Birth to Twelve Months

Parenting Self-Help Books: Toddlers to Pre-Teens

Parenting Self-Help Books: Teenagers

Sexuality and Sex Education Self-Help Books

Women’s Issues Self Help Books

Women’s Sexual Health Self-Help Books